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In my recent work, I express competing ideas such as fragmentation versus wholeness and community versus individuality. Physical movement is one of the main ways that I process my world, so I tend to depict people in motion: this can range from dynamic, full body motion, to basic, everyday movement like reading or relaxing.

I create the more abstract sections of my artworks by drawing crowds of people with gestural lines. Crowds interest me because of their rhythmic qualities: walking, dancing, or gazing in the same direction. The connectedness of crowds, and sometimes the loneliness we feel within them, cause me to consider the oscillating fragmentation and wholeness in my life. My hope is to enjoy chaos by organizing it, but not so much that the spontaneity is lost. Illusion of depth is the main way I try to visually accomplish cohesion. In general, I experience a lot of fear and desire structure, so chaos is a challenge for me.

The realistic figures break up the chaos- they’re a return to a traditional process of drawing that I find inherently satisfying. I like the stability of these figures as focal points, and the chance to explore a single member of the crowd in detail. Meditative facial expressions lend me some solace within disorganization. These realistic characters help me explore the pains of being an individual, stuck in an imperfect yet powerful body, who can suffer loneliness and rejoice in introspection.

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