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This collection of drawings represent the second phase of my project designed to compare the urban East to the rural West. 


I took a road trip thorugh northern Colorado and Western Wyoming, accompanied by my German Shephard mix, Satchmo. We drove many hours together, visiting small out-of-the-way towns such as Alma, Colorado and Baggs, Wyoming. These were places where vast and desolate landscapes dominated, and human beings were few and far between. 


Unlike the drawings from New York City, this collection contains not a single figure. Instead, I included telltale signs of human activity, and emphasized the effects of weathering on structures. 


My Dad's side of the family has lived in the Wyoming/South Dakota area for multiple generations. Driving through the state, I had the eerie sensation that I was entering a past older and deeper than my own existence. 

Shack near an Old Mine

Alma, Colorado

India ink, japanese ink

Natural Gas Container

near Bagg's Wyoming

Japanese ink, graphite, charcoal

Abandoned House with Oil Barrels

Baggs, Wyoming

Japanese ink, graphite, india ink

Dirt Road with Telephone Poles

on the way to Saratoga Springs, WY

Japanese ink, graphite

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