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This collection of drawings created in New York City represent the first half of a project I designed during my last semester at Colorado College (see Wyoming for second half). I received a venture grant to fund the project. My goal was to use drawing to compare the urban East to the rural West.


I experienced New York City as a novel environment, filled with endless possibility and relentless stimulation. Within the constant influx of sights and sounds, I focused on people as the most fascinating and dynamic element.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to kick start the project, I made some gesture drawings of pedestrians from a café window with brush and india ink. I thought they had potential. So I took them home and used Japanese ink to block out different shapes and create a sense of rhythm. It was quick, spontaneous process that suited the fast-paced New York City environment. Although the drawings have a rough and imperfect quality as a reflection of  the experience of people watching in NYC.


Drawings range from 14-16 inches wide and 8-10 high. 


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